Do you like breaking the rules? Are you creative, have lots of ideas for an interesting make-up? Or maybe you just love eyeliner and use it depending on the occasion for more delicate or intense lines and you are picky when it comes to make-up products?

New eyeliner in marker from Maybelline is a revolution (and revelation). It can easily replace few types of eye pencils and eyeliners. It allows you to gain an inconceivable gamut of effects on your eyelid – depending on mood (and in general on how far you can go when it comes to make-up). You might say “one for all!”

With use of this cosmetic you can create an infinite amount of various lines – starting with delicate and subtle, romantic, through stronger and beautifully raising up (perfect for supporters of boho style and those who love stylisation a la 60s) to totally rad and thick lines or even drawings.

Fans of make-up and make-up bloggers are racing with ideas for the most interesting make-up with this marker and we have to admit that it is truly a repository of endless possibilities. Chinese sign in the corner of the eye? Go right ahead. Double line? Of course. Three oblique and extravagant lines imitating eyelashes? Do not hesitate! Deep and seductive smoky eye? Sure, why not? Lines, dots, waves, signs and zigzags… now it’s scandalously simple.

Master Graphic will allow truly everything. You will love it for its versatility and easy use as well as the precision it allows you to execute everyday and occasional make-up. Intensified black pigments will guarantee additional fullness and expressiveness of colour. This eyeliner has a character!

What else can you love him for? For its faithfulness. It will not run down, is not easy to rub off and will not dry out too quickly. It is a tough player. This eyeliner definitely has a temper!