The sad truth is many of us can’t boast lovely thick hair. Thankfully, we can learn how to make it grow thicker and look fuller. There are a few simple tricks that will help you get the dream look!

How to get thicker hair?

Get a suitable haircut!

Getting the right cut turns out to be one of the best ways to build some hair volume. If your hair’s fine and lacks volume, go for bob which is timeless and always in. Bob makes hair appear more voluminous so you can say goodbye to flat, lifeless strands. Longer hair in the front and shorter in the back adds desired volume, plus makes the neck look slimmer. To keep the hair voluminous, it should be shoulder-length, not longer. This length makes hair look thicker. To ramp up the volume, get side-swept bangs: asymmetry makes hair look fuller.

Go for bangs!

This slight change proves to be a game-changer, making the hair look thicker! You appear to have more hair. Volume boost is guaranteed! Naturally, choose the best bangs for your face shape.

Make use of proteins!

Regular use of proteins – keratin or hydrolyzed silk – is another brilliant way to get thicker hair. Proteins build the hair and fill in gaps in the external cuticle layer. The gaps are very likely to appear if you use unsuitable hair-care products, overuse hot tools, have hair bleached or cause physical damage. Proteins fix the hair, making it much smoother and slightly thicker. Products from Nanoil are high in keratin: the brand launched a keratin-based bi-phase conditioner, micellar shampoo and hair mask.


Use protein masks once a week tops. Apply protein conditioners – lightweight mists – rich in keratin or silk on a daily basis but replace them with hydrating conditioners every few days to maintain balance between repairing and hydrating ingredients, and satisfy the needs of your hair.

Try dry shampoo for instant hair volume.

You probably have already used a dry shampoo to rescue your hairdo. Have you noticed it makes hair fresher but also more voluminous? It turns out that powder-like products are cut out for fine hair, not weighing it down, but lifting the roots and keeping the freshness for longer. You’re safe and free from flat strands for long hours.

Dry shampoo foam is quite new. You use it like a traditional hair mousse but it doesn’t leave hair clumpy or wet-looking. After applying the dry shampoo foam, you just run your fingers through the hair and massage the product into the scalp. The hair roots get a volume boost.

Apply hair oils regularly!

Emollient substances – such as oils – really make hair thicker. Molecules of oils penetrate the hair making it thicker, smoother and shinier. There’s just one rule to follow: choose the right oil for your hair type (its porosity). Heavy, thick hair gets along with coconut oil while thinning hair should be treated with argan or jojoba oil.