ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips – Unique Hairdressing Accessories!
ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips are exceptional hairdressing accessories that can upgrade the prestige of your salon. Perfect for all hair types, the foam strips minimise the risk of mechanical and thermal damage, plus reduce colouring time by up to half!

The professional strips from the Maltese ColorCuts brand provide your clients with the highest quality and best results.

ColorCuts thermal colouring strips

If you want your salon to seem luxurious, you should not only be up to date with the new hairdressing techniques and styles, but also with innovative gadgets. Highlighting Foam Strips were designed for all types of colouring. They can streamline the workflow and reduce colouring time to enable you to take on more clients.

In addition to improving your skills and using professional equipment and cosmetics, provide your clients with the best service from ColorCuts. The brand creates hairdressing gadgets for easier work and the best possible results.

Technology and ecology in one

Highlighting Foam Strips deliver the highest quality to your salon. Professionals are increasingly turning to eco-friendly products that are both economical and environmentally conscious. The practical thermal foam strips are created from recycled materials and are recyclable.

They come in a box of 200 sheets, 100×305 mm long which can be washed washing machine and reused. This means you have enough strips for up to 800 uses!

highlighting foam strips

These unique accessories are already pre-cut and ready for use, so you don’t have to waste time cutting aluminium foil. The colourful foam strips provide enjoyable colouring procedure combined with high hygiene work standards. They allow for air circulation between the layers of strips. Inside, each strip maintains the right temperature, boosting the colouring effect.

The semi-transparent foam strips enable making changes and guarantee full control over the colouring. They don’t pull the hair during removal, don’t slip off during colouring and minimise the risk of mechanical and thermal damage. This is the ultimate comfort and quality you can provide for your clients.

ColorCuts thermal foam strips – properties:

  • comfortable and faster colour application,
  • colouring time cut by up to half,
  • air circulation between the layers,
  • low risk of mechanical and thermal damage,
  • semi-transparent coating that allows full control,
  • no damage or irritation to the scalp,
  • thermal and self-adhesive material,
  • biodegradable and reusable.

The non-irritatable foam strips are gentle to the hair. They get a grip following contact with hair dye. You can cut and fold them any way you like to provide your clients with a beautiful and aesthetic look during the colouring procedure.

ColorCuts strips come in a handy box, they are unique and easy to use. The strip size is suitable for any hair length. These environmentally friendly and biodegradable foam strips are a unique accessory for your hair salon. Keep up with the times and choose the ultimate comfort during colouring! Learn more about the product: