If you have just become a mom – congratulations! We know how wonderful time it is and what incredible feelings accompany this precious moment. We also know that pregnancy and childbirth affect look and condition of every new-mom; changes on thighs and belly, weakened hair, brittle fingernails and thinning eyelashes… it turns out that this doesn’t always have to be this way!

Here are surprisingly easy tricks which will help turn you into a well-groomed, the most beautiful mom in the world. The best thing about this is that: These tricks aren’t time-consuming!

1. How to strengthen hair after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, it’s common for hair bulbs to get weaker and strands to lose their shine. Aftermath? Thinned, matte and brittle hair that is hard to tame. How to strengthen it and restore its lost shine? If you are breastfeeding, you surely choose all cosmetics very carefully. For that reason, the perfect product for you is a natural oil, or a blend of oils. Indeed, natural oil beautifies and reinforces hair together with its bulbs; they also take care of the scalp. Hair oil treatment performed once a week is enough to help the strands regain their lost condition (oil has to be applied as a hair mask).

2. How to strengthen eyelashes after pregnancy?

It turns out that even severely damaged lashes can be rescued. All it takes is a few weeks and… a few seconds a day as well as a good eyelash serum. This is a revolutionary cosmetic because its application occupies just a moment and the effects it delivers are beyond expectations. Many new-moms claim that they didn’t have such marvellous, long and thick lashes even before pregnancy. Important: you can start treating your lashes with this method when you no longer breastfeed. Therefore, get your kid baby food, and yourself an eyelash serum.

3. How to strengthen fingernails after pregnancy?

Brittle and easy to break fingernails is a common ailment that most women struggle with (not only the pregnant ones). In order to nourish them, you have to regularly apply coconut oil. It has plenty of vitamins and minerals. This is the very reason why this natural oil deals so well with brittle and split fingernails. Moreover, coconut oil is also perfect for treating delicate skin of new-borns – it delivers soothing action, it relieves irritated skin. Last but not least, new-moms can use coconut oil as natural under eye serum and may replace a make-up removing lotion with it.