The beneficial effect of vitamin D on the human body has been much talked about recently. Surprisingly, this precious substance isn’t just good for preventing osteoporosis. See the effect of vitamin D on the skin and start supplementing it!

Where is vitamin D found?

It’s one of few vitamins that the human body produces on its own. That is why it’s said we can get a vitamin D boost while getting tanned. UVB rays make it synthesize in the body, delivering it wherever it’s essential.

Unfortunately, the effect of the sun on our skin is limited in the autumn and winter because of the angle of the sunlight, the distance from the Sun, plus our bodies are covered up by clothes. This often causes vitamin D deficiency in the winter and autumn. Supplements come to rescue. There are a few reasons why we should take them.

Healing effect of vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to human body. It has been proven to have a positive effect on immune system acting as a booster. Vitamin D reduces the risk of the flu: the greater number of people suffering from the flu in the autumn and winter is connected with the deficiency of vitamin D during these seasons. However, it is mostly responsible for the bone mineralization and the proper development of the skeletal system. That is why it’s recommended to supplement vitamin D in children during the most intensive development phase. At the same time, it enhances functioning of the cardiovascular system and heart muscle, as well as prevents cancer and plays a big role in development of the nervous system.

Beautifying effect of vitamin D

There’s more to its benefits, though. Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that we need because of its beauty benefits. Its conditioning properties may surprise many people because vitamin D:

  • adds elasticity to skin, tightening the epidermis.
  • regulates the exfoliation process of skin.
  • neutralizes negative effects of free radicals.
  • balances the secretion of oil by sebum glands.
  • helps fight psoriasis, eczema, acne.
  • speeds up skin healing and minimes irritations.
  • protects against the sun damage.
  • keeps hair from falling out in excess.
  • brightens pigmentation marks.

Vitamin D in everyday beauty routine

If an inconspicuous vitamin turns out to be so powerful and brings so many beauty benefits, it’s no wonder it’s added to cosmetics. Supplements are the most effective but it is good to reach for creams, serums or conditioners spiked with vitamin D.

Vitamin D products work well for sensitive, couperose or aging complexion. They can be used as antiaging treatment to keep the skin young-looking for longer or as a quick fix for problems like dark spots, fine lines or oily skin.

Some hair products also include vitamin D and are recommended for treating weak hair follicles, and fine, brittle, thinning hair.