How to create flawless and long-wear makeup? Above all, you must prime the skin the right way. See five simple step leading you to smooth skin so that your makeup always looks like created by a professional makeup artist.

Over 80% of women can’t imagine going outside without makeup. It’s a tool  that we use every day to improve the appearance and camouflage the blemishes.

Too bad we rarely think how to get the skin ready for applying makeup, which is a very crucial element! Few people know that healthy, smooth and firm skin is like a pillar of makeup. The fewer the blemishes to hide, the better and more natural-looking the makeup.

How to prep skin for makeup?


Begin with exfoliation, that is regular removal of dead skin cells. You should use a scrub at least once or twice a week to back up natural cell renewal, bring back smoothness and get rid of dry skin areas. If you’ve got sensitive, acne-prone or couperose skin, go for enzyme scrubs. For other skin types, physical exfoliators are fine.


Blackheads often spoil the appearance of your face as well as makeup. Apart from looking bad and being hard to camouflage, blackheads mean your skin needs thorough cleansing. How to do away with blackheads? The easiest way involves opening the skin pores using steam water (so-called facial steaming) and then using an activated charcoal peel-off mask. You can’t pop them!


A fine-quality face serum is another product you should reach for when striving for flawless makeup. Only nourished, revitalized and radiant skin is going to look great wearing makeup. That is why, after thoroughly cleansing the skin, you should use a brightening vit. C serum or antiaging serum rich in retinol – this way you provide the skin with all what’s essential to preserve the lovely appearance.


After applying your serum you must always remember to use a moisturizer so that the nutrients can stay deep inside the skin. A lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer makes the best pick because it keeps makeup longer-lasting. If you don’t want to see dry skin areas – which surely spoil makeup – you must apply a thin coat of a moisturizer.


A makeup base is the last must-have. Even though it’s the best at prepping the skin for makeup, we often forget about it. This useful cosmetic smoothes out the skin and makes products such as foundations, concealers, etc. cling to the skin. You can either choose a readymade primer (e.g. mineral) or use a natural oil for this purpose – almond, jojoba or argan oil.