The trend for gluten free diet continues. And what would you say about gluten free make-up? This is the newest trend in an art of make-up and skin care. Let’s find out what it is all about. Check how you can perform gluten free make-up and where to find cosmetics for it.

What is gluten? It is a mix of vegetable proteins, which can be found among many in wheat, rye and barley. It makes bread so crunchy and delicious. However, there are people who knowingly decide on gluten free diet. They claim that it is much healthier and organism is a faster way burns unnecessary calories. And what does gluten has to do with cosmetics? As it turns out, a lot. Well, some conditioning products contain wheat protein. It is because they fulfil truly relevant function in conditioning of skin of face and body, but also hair. They have antioxidant, soothing and nourishing properties. What is more, they perfectly moisturise and soften skin.

Sadly, some people, to be precise 6% of the World’s population, are allergic to gluten. It manifests itself with a rash, running nose, nettle rash and acute skin inflammations. if those are symptoms you observed with yourself, you should replace cosmetics with those without derivatives of cereals. Among those last ingredients you will find: hordeum vulgare (derivative of barley, has a use in cosmetics protecting against the Sun and those for skin lifting), triticum vulgare (derivative of wheat used in moisturising creams), avena sativa (oats extract, it is an ingredient of soaps, shampoos and hair sprays).

What should you do when you are allergic to cosmetic with content of gluten? You should stop using it at once, and in case of severe allergic reaction go and see the dermatologist. The doctor will certainly advise you what to do. In calming of irritated skin will help you tea tree oil. This product has antibacterial and soothing properties. It eliminates all inflammations, helps with acne and lightening of red skin. Where can you buy gluten free cosmetics? Look for them in a herbalist’s shop or make them on your own, out of plants growing on the meadow or in your garden. Remember only to avoid cereal. This way your face will be beautiful and skin healthy.