Everyday beauty ritual isn’t only a duty but also a pleasure if we choose the right cosmetics. How to take care not only of our feet but also the whole body to feel beautiful every single day?

The truth is, in general, women somehow like taking care of their bodies, therefore it isn’t surprising that their dressing tables and drawers are full of various kinds of cosmetics. Still, it’s a pity that we often blindly buy many beauty products without being sure whether we really need them. Here is the list of the most essential cosmetics which will help you provide your body with head-to-foot care.

Foot care:

  • exfoliating socks
  • foot softening balm

Foot care is quite a challenge especially when we keep them in shoes for the most of a day. The best time for helping your feet regenerate is night, therefore it’s suggested to coat them with a thick layer of a moisturising and nourishing cream at bedtime. Also, it’s a good idea to secure the cream by putting on cotton socks. Additionally, it’s suggested making a good use of exfoliating socks every 2 or 3 weeks. Owing to them, foot skin becomes soft, smooth and healthy.

Hand care:

  • hand cream

The body part that is exposed to damages at most is hands. For that reason, it’s worth applying your favourite hand cream even a few times a day. Such cream should feature moisturising add-ins and vitamins. Thanks to this, your hand will constantly remain soft, smooth and perfectly moisturised.

Body care:

  • bath oil
  • body balm

It’s really crucial to make sure that our body is cleansed and well-protected against dehydration. This practice should be recognized as our daily concern. On the other hand, a frequent use of strong body cleansing products can bring out the adverse effects: irritations and uncontrolled water loss. A good solution here is application of a delicate bath oil and lipid-replenishing balm that has to be used right after leaving the bathtub/shower.

Face care:

  • micellar lotion
  • cleansing and toning gel
  • face cream
  • eyelash growth serum

Complexion requires definitely the most of our attention because it’s the most delicate skin that our body has. The most important is daily make-up removal without which skin has problems with regeneration that takes place at night. For that reason, you can consider a micellar lotion useful, although some people prefer OCM method which depends on making face clean using oils. Another essential issue is face toning. Of course, this task can be fulfilled by using two separate products: a gently cleaning face gel and a facial toner. Naturally, these two products can be combined. After all, you can choose among 2in1 products delivering double the action. Certainly, a face cream is a cosmetic you can’t neglect to apply. Nevertheless, before you put it on, it’s a good idea to gift your lashes with nourishment first. A professional eyelash growth serum will make your lashes become longer, thicker and full-looking. Thanks to this, they will look more beautiful even without being coated with a few mascara layers.

Hair care:

  • micellar shampoo
  • hair oil

Somehow it happens that the majority of cosmetics we own are designed for hair care. However, the truth is that we need just two hair care products. The first step is the cleansing and the perfect cosmetic dealing with this mission is a micellar shampoo. This beauty product doesn’t feature any aggressively cleansing agents, it doesn’t irritate scalp either. The second step is nourishment, regeneration and beautifying. The perfect replacement of all conditioners, serums, masks and hair ampules are hair oils which condition hair and scalp in many ways. Basically, a hair oil should be natural, enriched with vitamins and match hair type.