Nanobrow Lamination Gel provides more than just perfectly styled arches every day. Its formula contains castor oil, which deeply nourishes and regenerates eyebrows, making them more resilient and adding maximum volume. Check out why you should use it!

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Brow care and styling in one with Nanobrow

Brow styling gel Nanobrow is great for styling even the most unruly hairs. It emphasizes the natural shape of eyebrows, delivering an amazing glossy finish. It provides a 24-h hold without the need for touch-ups!

Enhance the beauty of your eyebrows with Nanobrow. Castor oil adds thickness and definition you’ve never dreamed of. The gel comes in four shades and there’s also a transparent version. You can easily choose the perfect shade to match your features.

Always beautifully defined and sculpted eyebrows

It delivers the effect of three-dimensional and always flawless-looking arches. The handy cone-shaped silicone brush thoroughly combs and styles them to look great for hours to come.

The long-lasting, precise and ultra-strong eyebrow gel is clump-free and doesn’t leave any residue. The pigmented shades create the effect of perfectly defined and natural-looking eyebrows, while castor oil strengthens and protects them from damage.

best lamination gel nanobrow

Style your eyebrows with Nanobrow Lamination Gel!

Nanobrow Lamination Gel helps you style your eyebrows exactly the way you want. It’s the perfect product for sculpting your arches. It is extremely easy to use:

  1. Apply eyebrow gel Nanobrow to natural eyebrows or on top of makeup.
  2. Brush the hairs with the ergonomic silicone brush.
  3. For a stronger hold, comb the eyebrows in the opposite direction and then comb them back.

Nanobrow Lamination Gel

Eyebrow gel is available in shades:

The precise brush provides maximum comfort of use. The formula that styles and adds color can quickly make you your best eyebrow stylist. Choose the transparent version as a finishing touch to your perfect eyebrow makeup, or apply one of the shades of your choice. You are bound to achieve great results – nothing is impossible with Nanobrow Lamination Gel!

Nanobrow Precision Eyebrow Gel

Dream of bold and elegant eyebrows every day? It can finally become a reality! Brow gel Nanobrow is perfect for both bushy and unruly and sparse and thin eyebrows. It delivers a 24-hour hold, protecting the hairs from damage.

It’s a favorite of thousands of happy users around the world! The handy and easy-to-use brush, extreme precision and comfort of use ensure perfectly defined eyebrows all day long. This is a product created for shaping even the most unmanageable brow hairs!

Discover other brow cosmetics from the Nanobrow range!

Did you know that Nanobrow Lamination Gel can be used on its own or combined with other Nanobrow brow makeup cosmetics? Choose your favorite or use different ones depending on the occasion and your mood. Go for pomade, pencil, gel, pen or brow soap… the possibilities are endless!

Precise shades, brow care combined with styling and carefully-selected ingredients make Nanobrow Lamination Gel the perfect brow product!