Regular powders, foundations (high-coverage, highlighting and mattifying), concealers, eye shadows, blushers, bronzers, mascaras and eyeliners – all of them have their alternatives in the world of mineral cosmetics. Such products are chosen mostly by women whose skin is sensitive and allergy-prone because mineral cosmetics are all-natural and don’t trigger any adverse reactions.

Not everyone knows though that such makeup products have to be applied differently than typical color cosmetics. How to apply mineral foundation, concealer and eye shadows correctly? How to do makeup with mineral cosmetics to enjoy the best effects and long-wear?

Mineral makeup

Mineral cosmetics have loose consistency which is why they are prone to dusting, and therefore their proper application requires a little bit of practice. First of all, you shouldn’t put a brush into a jar with a mineral product. Instead, it’s better to pour a bit of the powder onto either a glass or plastic cap and then collect it with the brush. Unless you dab the excess off on the side of the jar, you may expect some smudges and nasty marks to appear on the face that too much product tends to create. For that reason, it’s definitely better to dab the excess off a few times just to be sure that you don’t use more product than needed.

Another issue to mention while talking about correct application of mineral makeup, it’s advised to apply mineral cosmetics in layers, not because too much product would give you the unwanted mask effect but because such color cosmetics are really efficient. Apart from that, it’s wiser to put on several thin layers of a product rather than one thick because owing to gradual application you can stop when you see that you achieved the desired effect – you won’t overdo it.

How to apply mineral foundation?

Naturally, a mineral foundation differs in consistency with its classic alternative – it’s loose and has lightweight formula, which is why it doesn’t clog skin pores. Before you begin putting mineral foundation on, you must choose the right brush – either a top flat or kabuki brush. Thick and densely arranged bristle of top flat ensures better coverage than less “compact” but more fluffy round kabuki bristle. People who have highly sensitive skin should go for this brush because it’s pleasantly soft and gentle, despite being made of syntetyczny bristle. Actually, its structure qualifies to be used in all skin types.

Once you have the right brush, you can move on to applying your mineral foundation. Begin with moisturizing the face with a cream; let it get absorbed by skin fully. In the case of oily face, you should apply a thin layer of a transparent powder first. What’s worth realizing, mineral powder mustn’t be poured directly onto face but rubbed into it with a circular motions. Last but not least, start from your cheeks and then head the edge of the face.

How to apply mineral concealer?

Even mineral concealer has a lightweight, loose consistency that actually is surprisingly thick and blends incredibly well into complexion. The application process doesn’t differ much when compared to applying a mineral foundation, which means that we have to pour a bit of a mineral concealer onto a lid and then use a brush to collect it. It must be born in mind that the cosmetic must be pressed into the brush pretty strongly, and the possible excess must be dabbed off using the edge of packaging. Of course, you should spread the cosmetic only over the face parts that need it. Keep rubbing it into skin as long as you create satisfying coverage.

How to apply mineral eye shadow?

The first piece of information is that mineral eye shadows can be applied either wet or dry. When used wet, you can expect the color to be more intensive and vivid. When you want to do your eye makeup with mineral cosmetics, pour a bit of the eye shadows onto a lid and use a small brush to collect it by digging the applicator into the cosmetic. Make sure that your brush picks up enough product.