Hybrid manicure is a truly amazing manicure. It is loved by all women because it’s long-lasting, reliable, doesn’t chip, and will last 3 weeks. The effect it leaves cannot be achieved with regular nail polish. The problem starts when you have no way to visit your beautician and you try to take off the hybrid at home. How to do it? No panic, you can do it at home without the damage to the nail plate. Meet the methods to remove hybrid and do it right!

Nowadays, a good quality LED or UV lamp can be found in every other home. We decide to do the manicure on our own. However, not just the execution is what matters, but also how to skillfully remove it and not damage the nail, or even worse the matrix. Meet the methods to take off the hybrid.

How to remove hybrid nail polish at home?

How to remove hybrid at home. Method number 1 – ACETONE

If you want to remove hybrid at home, go for acetone. What is more, prepare also:

  • file 100-180
  • cotton pads and aluminum foil
  • wooden sticks
  • buffer

Removing hybrid with acetone. Step by step manual:

  1. File nails; use buffer to remove the top layer on the nails.
  2. Take a cotton pad and divided it into pieces size of the nail and soak them with acetone, then place each piece on the nails and wrap with foil. Leave it on for about 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the foil, push back the nail polish with a wooden stick (hybrid should break).
  4. Smooth out the nails with a buffer.
  5. Remove the cuticles if they grew too much and file the nails. Apply nourishing oil.

How to remove hybrid at home. Method number 2 – HYBRID REMOVER

The removal with hybrid remover is identical as in the case with acetone. Instead of the acetone, you need to soak a cotton pad with the special hybrid remover based on acetone. Remover is way more gentle, does not damage the nail plate, and does not cause the dryness to cuticles so is a great alternative for everyone who finds themselves allergic to acetone or if they suffer from irritations after its use. You also need to keep it on for a shorter time because you can take it off after 6 minutes.

How to remove hybrid at home. Method number 3 – FILE

You can easily remove hybrid manicure using a file but do it only when you plan to apply a new hybrid and color. It’s because the file is suitable to remove the top and the color but it will leave the base. You shouldn’t file too deep or too intensely to avoid damage to the nail plate. If you’ll do it in a too invasive manner, your nail plate will be thin as a leaf and easily subjected to damages and it definitely won’t be able to deal with another layer of the hybrid. However, if you do it gently and skillfully, then you won’t weaken the nail at all.

File the colorless top and both layers of nail polish. In necessary trim, the nails and file edges to the desired shape. Then remove the oil from nail plate and apply the base. After it’s hardened, apply the color of choice. Remember to use the delicate file when removing the hybrid, then you can avoid accidental damage to the matrix.