We are more and more keen on shopping online. Food, clothes, cosmetics, even perfumes are delivered to our houses by a courier. In the meantime, Internet shops, practically all the time, have some special offers. Besides, the same thing is happening in the stationary dragstores. However, there we can buy original perfumes. While online you can come across fake perfumes. Let’s find out, how to tell if perfumes are original and how to avoid purchase of fake.

First of all, pay attention to packaging. Brand new, original perfumes should be wrapped in foil. Truly relevant is the size of overlapping pieces of foil in place where it was glued. Link should be on the right side of the packaging and foil needs to touch the box. If the packaging is damaged in any way, you can place a complaint. However, if the link of foil is on the other side or there is no foil at all, you are dealing with a fake.

Perfumes usually have colourful packagings. When you watched TV commercials or tested perfumes in the dragstore, you probably noticed that every packaging is made with attention to details. So, there are die stampings, ornaments, interesting font and texture. Fakes usually do not have it. Then, packagings are made of low quality paper, which can be damaged at any time.

When it comes to perfume bottle, it is made of high quality materials; often decorated with finesse design, which is assigned to given brand. It is not easy to fabricate it. However, there are exceptions. Remember, that prestigious manufacturers and famous brands pay a lot of attention to the appearance of their bottle. It is similar with atomiser. This element should be made of one piece of good quality material. It has to work flawlessly.

Did you know that perfumes have a serial number? It is usually placed at the bottom of packaging. This way you know the series of production. On top of that, it will be accompanied by expiry date. It isn’t difficult to guess that fake perfumes have defective serial number. Of course, there are also those which perfectly imitate series number. Try to avoid them.

Lastly, the most important thing: scent. Original perfumes should last on skin throughout the day, sometimes even longer. Fake perfumes don’t have that durable scent. Remember that in original perfumes you can sense fragrance notes, which are released in a specific order.