Have you heard about face mask with hyaluronic acid Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask from Yasumi? Not so long ago I came upon a sample of this product and I decided to test it out of curiosity, but also because of its great popularity among bloggers. Will mask with hyaluronic acid and Argireline from Yasumi be effective? Will see about that together.

Product Description

Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask is an exclusive cosmetic from Yasumi, brand that I met only in very good beauty parlours. Today Yasumi products are available also in retail sales. Hyaluronic mask is a novelty dedicated to all skin types, though it is highly recommended for women with mature skin, who noticed first signs of ageing. This means it’s perfect for me, because out of constant laughing I have crow’s feet around my eyes and laughter lines around the lips. :)

How does it work?

Night mask with hyaluronic acid is supposed to have multidimensional properties. Yasumi promises that Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask will visibly moisturise, tone up and smoother skin. Skin becomes softer, first signs of ageing start to back away and wrinkles are flattened. All of those regenerating and rejuvenating properties of Yasumi mask are a merit of well developed composition.


Few words on the composition. The base ingredient in Yasumi Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask is hyaluronic acid, which moisturises skin and flattens wrinkles. Second position belongs to Argireline and that is a rejuvenating ingredient, which smoothers wrinkles. In Yasumi composition we will also find Fucogel® (deeply moisturising ingredient) and glycerine, which supports right skin moisture and ensures its smoother.


I don’t expect miracles from Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask. I’d like it to smoother my skin and elasticate it. I count on getting rid of dark circles around the eyes and as we know tighter skin means less wrinkles, so – even though I don’t have many, I wish Yasumi eliminates most of them. I am not focusing on moisturising properties, because for that I have special creams. For me most important are rejuvenating and elasticating properties.