Even though the scientists discovered retinol in the past era, this vitamin hasn’t been gaining in popularity until recently. Now you can find retinol added to face creams, masks and serums. Surprisingly, the latter gives the best results in at-home anti-ageing treatment. Have you ever wondered how exactly retinol affects skin? By the time you finish reading this article, you will have learnt everything you need to know about retinol and its role in skin care.

Who is a retinol serum good for?

Retinol face serum works for all skin types. Interestingly, those with acne-prone skin may win the most because retinol helps remove acne and deals with inflammation. Those with sensitive skin shouldn’t hesitate to reach for retinol serum either because it isn’t supposed to trigger irritation, especially if the product is high quality – like Nanoil Retinol Face Serum, which in fact is also good for vegetarians and vegans.

Why Nanoil Retinol Face Serum?

There are a couple of reasons why we recommend choosing Nanoil retinol serum. Firstly, being available in a 50-ml bottle, Nanoil is clearly bigger than most anti-ageing face serums. This also translates into the lower cost because you pay less for almost two times more product than normally. Furthermore, Nanoil retinol face serum is enriched with Boerhavia Diffusa root extract which is a plant-derived antioxidant. In addition, this skincare product is easy-accessible. All you have to do is visit the official Nanoil page – nanoil.us – and order the product choosing the convenient home delivery. Note: To extend the lifespan of Nanoil retinol face serum, it has to be stored in a dark and dry place.

Application of Nanoil retinol serum

To get the best effects of the retinol treatment, you need to follow a few simple rules, and these are:

1. Morning or evening?

Retinol serum has to be introduced only to the evening skin ritual. Evening application facilitates deeper penetration, hence better effects. Additionally, retinol doesn’t like being exposed to the sunlight, therefore using it in the morning may be a bad idea.

2. Everyday or every other day?

Dermatologists and cosmetologists are unanimous – retinol face serum shouldn’t be applied more than 4 times a week. It’s also worth realizing that at the beginning of the treatment, especially if you haven’t used any retinol skincare product before, you should apply it once a week. Later you can gradually increase the frequency of use, keeping an eye on the skin that needs to be given enough time to adjust to this anti-ageing substance.

3. On damp or dry skin?

Retinol serum has to be applied only to dry skin. This means that once you remove makeup and cleanse the skin, you should wait a short while to let it get dry completely. After around 15 minutes you can move on with applying retinol serum. You need no more than 2-3 drops per application that have to be massaged into the face – you can use your finger tips or a jade roller. When the skin absorbs the serum completely, which in most cases takes around 20 minutes, apply a moisturizer or nourishing face cream.

Favorite face serum with retinol Nanoil

4. Cream with SPF and retinol

Retinol skin treatment is always connected with sun protection. This means that not only do you need to apply retinol serum at bedtime, but also you need to use a cream with SPF50 in the morning. Why is that? Simply put, retinol may cause sun sensitivity in skin, which may lead to sun spots. The good news is that retinol face serum can be used all year, provided that you always apply sunscreen before leaving home. Experts advise against undergoing retinol treatment if you plan to spend a few next days on the beach, or in general if you plan to be exposed to the direct sun. Instead, you may give a try to a vitamin C serum, which Nanoil also has in its offer.