It’s known for being a remedy for acne, promoting lash growth, preventing hair loss and strengthening brittle nails. Indeed, castor oil makes a truly irreplaceable element of beauty routine. Using it for daily skin and hair treatments is a really good idea, especially after realizing how effective it can be. Naturally, if you care for getting the best results, you should know which castor oil to choose.

There are few vegetable oils offering so many unique properties as argan oil does. The majority of such beauty products appear to help you achieve better results in day-to-day skin and hair care. Vegetable oils are emollients, meaning that they effectively prevent loss of moisture and provide round-the-clock protection.

However, castor oil is a little bit different from other vegetable oils. As the only one, castor oil contains antibacterial ricinoleic acid, and therefore it offers more benefits when compared to similar products. Regularly used, castor oil is proven to restore skin’s pH and solve the problems caused by bacteria and fungi, e.g. acne or dandruff.

Still, the effects that castor oil is most recognizable for include its ability to speed up hair growth pretty visibly. For that reason, it’s recommended to massage castor oil into the scalp as well as to use it as a natural lash enhancer. Finally, this vegetable oil is known for improving the appearance of fingernails, making them stronger and dealing with brittleness.

If you haven’t had a chance to use castor oil before, you have to give it a try. Castor oil is a perfect all-natural beauty product for hair and skin. It’s good at cleansing face because it’s proven to detoxify and remove even the most stubborn impurities such as waterproof color cosmetics. The enthusiasts of natural care, so those who choose only organic products that are free from additives, use castor oil to remove makeup.

It does matter what castor oil you choose. Of course, you can find an all-natural castor oil, but it happens pretty often that vegetable oils are combined with additives such as silicones or other oils.

How will you know which castor oil is the best?

Most people go to pharmacies to buy castor oil because they think that this is the cheapest place to get this vegetable oil from. Sadly, cheap doesn’t always mean good. It’s worth realizing that castor oil sold in pharmacies isn’t recommended for external use, meaning that it isn’t destined for being applied directly to skin and hair. If you care for receiving the best results, you should look for the highest quality, which is given only by the oil that is:

  • obtained due to cold pressing.
  • unrefined, meaning that it wasn’t exposed to the purification process.
  • organic, meaning that it originates from nature.
  • eco-friendly, and this quality must be proven by an adequate certification.
  • free from additives such as colorants, aromas and silicones.

If you don’t have the time to wonder what the best castor oils to improve your physical appearance are, check out our recommendations. Here are the top 7 castor oils that are worth knowing, having and using.

TOP 7. The best castor oils

1. 100% natural, cold-pressed castor oil from Nanoil

natural oil Nanoil

The number one castor oil chosen and recommended by the majority of women is this cold-pressed, unrefined, organic and certified castor oil from Nanoil. It’s perfect for vegans and those whose skin is sensitive. Nanoil Castor Oil is recommended for treating hair, scalp, complexion, lashes, brows and nails. This beauty product helps solve many problems such as dandruff, acne, thinning hair, brittle nails and many more. All you have to do is use a few drops of Nanoil Castor Oil solo or combine them with other vegetable oil/beauty products. Without doubt, this castor oil is the most effective of all.

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2. Black castor oil from Kreyol Essence

Another place is taken by Haitian castor oil launched by Kreyol Essence: 100% pure and rich in omega fatty acids (including omega-3 and omega-6). It’s recommended for hair care as well as for promoting lash and brow growth – you just have to rub it into the scalp, distribute along the brows or apply to the roots of lashes once a day. It’s also suitable for skin treatments, especially if the skin is dry and irritated – it’s advised to use it solo or combine a few drops with your daily personal care products. Still, it’s worth bearing in mind that this castor oil is rather thick so it can clog the skin.

3. Cold-pressed castor oil from Good Vibes

The oil that doesn’t resemble the other products presented in this ranking is this Hindu castor oil offered by Good Vibes. It’s cold-pressed, so its quality is high. Its bottle is one thing that makes it stand out – instead of a regular dark-glass bottle, the producer decided to close this castor oil in an angular bottle with a golden cap, which is rather untypical of this kind of products. As far as the application goes, castor oil from Good Vibes is suitable for hair, skin, nail and lash treatments. Its biggest drawback is poor accessibility.

4. Castor oil from Junglück

German quality, which is offered by Junglück castor oil, is designed for those who look for natural skin and hair protection: from sun, stress and urban pollution. Its packaging is plain. Even though Junglück castor oil appears to be an all-purpose product, it’s one of the costliest vegetable oils. What you pay for is the quality because Junglück castor oil is cold-pressed and obtained from organic farming. Having no aroma or color makes it so popular among those with sensitive skin and fragile hair.

5. Castor oil from Earth To You London

While talking about the costliest castor oils, it’s hard not to mention the castor oil launched by a London-based cosmetic brand – Earth To You. This oil looks truly luxurious hidden in its black, matte bottle with small inscriptions. The oil itself is fairly lightweight and fast-absorbing. You can use it for hair, skin, face, nail, lash and brow treatments – just a few drops suffice because this castor oil is saturated with many good substances. Castor oil from Earth To You is organic, pure vegetable oil recommended to those who fancy costly cosmetics and the quality that comes with the price.

6. Castor oil from Kate Blanc Cosmetics

Kate Blanc Cosmetics, a brand liked by the big-screen celebrities, and its castor oil seem to have gained in popularity recently. This castor oil is cold-pressed and eco-friendly which is why it holds quite a number of nutrients required for hair and skin to remain healthy. If you want to get the best results with Kate Blanc Cosmetics castor oil, you have to use it on a day-to-day basis. For example, you can use it solo or as an extra component of your favorite personal care products. What’s interesting about this castor oil is the number of applicators it comes with. When you buy it, you get: an easy-to-use dropper, a comb for eyebrows and a thin brush, which is common for eyelash serums.

7. Castor oil for eyelashes from Kapomi

When it comes to applicators, Kapomi castor oil seems to be similar to the oil mentioned above. This cold-pressed, natural castor oil was developed for lash and brow treatments only. It nourishes, moisturizes and promotes growth. It’s sold in a fairly regular bottle decorated with a characteristic green label and – what’s interesting – the oil itself has greenish shade as well. When it comes to this oil’s physical properties, it’s fairly runny and well-absorbing, but it’s limited use doesn’t make it an all-purpose product. One can be stated for sure, it’s worth reaching for Kapomi castor oil if you want only to improve the appearance of thin and short eyelashes.