Eyelash care product? Is it a must-have?

Lots of women ask such questions. It turns out that lashes have never had an easy life: you neglect them for years, apply greasy castor oil unsuitable for lashes, wear falsies, pull them while taking makeup off… Nowadays, there’s extra damage coming from toxins and too much stress of the everyday life.

1. Lash-Enhancing Mascara

A few years ago a lash-conditioning mascara was regarded as something unusual. Now, prestigious mascaras are rich in… ingredients that improve the lash condition. The top mascaras are also high in ultra-black, mineral pigments that deliver both makeup and care, protecting eyelashes against toxins – damage and falling out. A good mascara is becoming women’s key gadget – the one that gives an ideal coating thanks to an ergonomic wand spiral separating these tiny hairs.

2. Eyelash Growth Serum

It used to be impossible – long and fully-recovered lashes in just several weeks? Today, lots of women have seen the benefits of serums on their own lashes. It’s like a magic wand which solves all lash problems, prevents lash loss, stimulates growth, triggering the appearance of new strong baby lashes. A good serum is able to make lashes longer, thicker and darker, stimulate even non-active bulbs and force them to work, leading to the growth of hairs on the lash line. Serums have realized the dreams of many women who had to bear short and sparse lashes for years. Serums can be applied to eyebrows, too.

3. Brow & Lash-Enhancing Makeup Remover

Modern makeup removers don’t just remove products. Women expect cosmetics to deliver far more benefits and the best products are able to live up to these expectations. Lots of companies offer eye makeup removers which have three tasks: removing makeup, conditioning lashes and brows, nourishing the gentle eye skin (preventing and smoothing wrinkles).