Beautiful lashes for a woman are like a business card for a company. Apart from that, strong and and cared for eyelashes mean healthy eyes free from contamination and toxins. Tha’t why we should know what ingredients have beneficial effect on our lashes and what makes them unhealthy.

The most popular and caring for our eyelashes are:

  1. Sodium Hyaluronate – is a natural substance in our body. It associates water, which gives moisturizing properties.
  2. Biotin – its role in healthful processes in skin and hair is priceless.
  3. Amino acids (including glycerine) – protect skin from premature aging and moisture loss.
  4. Allantoin – accelerates hair and skin regeneration, it has strenthening properties.
  5. Panthenol – provides intensive moisturizing, accelerates hair and skin regeneration, gives feeling of smoothness.
  6. Zinc, iron, vitamine B complex, fatty acids – responsible mainly for giving lashes the volume, nourish them by penetrating into their structure.
  7. Glycerine – has strong moisturizing and oiling properties. It’s the simplest organic compound. In cosmetology vegetable fats are the source of glycerine.

If your mascara has those ingredients, be sure that you do your eyelashes a great favour and it will be reflected in their beautiful look.

To get even closer to beautiful lashes, you might get yourself a good conditioner which will take care of them – make them strong and nourished inside as well as they will grow and become thicker. Such products are extremely successful and getting more and more attention from women who have fallen in love with small, resembling mascaras or eyeliners, cosmetics which work miracles. An eyelash conditioner is really easy in use, all you should do is apply it regularly, preferebly after evening make-up removal.

Since we mention make-up removal, choosing proper eye make-up remover is equally important. The one that doesn’t require rubbing would be best because lashes hate it. Also, pay attention to the ingredients of the removers and choose the ones where conditioning ingredients are prevailing so you won’t get allergic reaction. Micellar water and special two-phase eye make-up removers are perfect if we want subtle and non-invasive face make-up removal. Such two-phase eye make-up removers will handle even waterproof mascaras.