Maybelline is known since 1915 and the first mascara was created by its founder – J.T. Wiliams out of… love. For he wished to help his beloved sister Mabel, who was miserably in love, in winning the affection of the man she loved. Thus, Wiliams has came up with preparation – black liniment, which he advised his sister to apply on her lashes with a special brush. What has happened? Magical potion had worked wonders and after a year, creator of mascara was dancing at Mabel’s wedding. Then he founded cosmetics company that is well-known and valued to this day.

Therefore, today mascara from Maybelline gains special meaning, because it wears stamp of “love potion” and with that, passion full of affection and love, this company treats its mascaras.

There is no surprise in fact, that almost every mascara launched by this brand gains love of women. Unfavourable opinions about some product happen truly rarely, and most of them is caused by – let’s face it – inability in use of cosmetic and lack of faintest knowledge in the matter of make-up.

Creators of mascara know well enough what do women expect from their lashes and how important this cosmetic is. They want to overgrow those expectations and with help of Lash Sensational Luscious Full Fan Effect they truly did it.

It is a new mascara in Lash Sensational family, that is supposed to provide lashes with perfect appearance – increase their volume and ensure deep and intense black colour. Full Fan Effect? Now it’s possible!

What makes this mascara special? It not only scandalously thickens eyelashes, but also conditions them, thanks to mix of three oils (argan, rose hip, safflower). All of that for the best moisture, nourishment and smoother of lashes. Thanks to those oils, even after application of few layers, eyelashes are not stiff and do not look like false. You will have to admit that your eyelashes were never this soft and elastic. Ergo, you can be sure that lashes will not break under the hard shell, which can be left by other mascaras.

Another innovation in this mascara is its wand – it is empty inside, and that creates a kind of small container that makes application easier. Excess mascara just goes to the inside of the wand and does not weight lashes down. No more clumped lashes, never more mascara providing unnatural effect. Eyelashes are precisely covered with mascara (even the smallest one), thicken, longer and softer.

Maybelline compares effect of those scandalously beautiful eyelashes to blooming flower and that is probably the most accurate comparison. Allow your lashes to bloom like a beautiful flower!