During the summer and on the vacation we do not want to remember about eyelashes make-up. We like to get up, pack and leave to the beach, over the sea or just go sightseeing. We do not need to stress out over smudged mascara. Beside extensions (which not every woman likes) beauty parlours offer treatments for quick improvement of our eyelashes. Here are some of them:

1. Henna on eyelashes – this treatment can be performed both in beauty parlour and at home. Remember to use natural henna for the treatment. It has green colour. Other preparations are filled with harmful and unfavourable for our eyelashes substances.

Prior to treatment have to be performed make-up removal and area around the eyes have to be covered with delicate cream – this way you can avoid unwanted spots on the face. Mix henna with peroxide accordingly to directions placed on the packaging and apply it gently on eyelashes. You can protect lower lashes line with cotton pad. Depending on the desirable effect, leave henna for 10-15 minutes. Ready! The effect of dyed with henna eyelashes, lasts 7 to 10 days. This is a solution perfect for the vacation.

2. Perm on eyelashes – this treatment is an alternative for invasive and damaging eyelash curler. Its task is to curl eyelashes and raise them. It works exactly the same as perm on hair. At first is applied liquid that eliminates current structure of eyelash, then it is rinsed and eyelashes are curled on a special roller and then is applied liquid for preservation of new eyelashes shape. After the treatment you can go ahead and use henna if you like. Perm on eyelashes lasts for 8 weeks.

3. Semi-permanent mascara – is an application of special fluid, which provides effect of naturally beautiful and nourished eyelashes. Great plus of it, is that it is waterproof, so it is also perfect for the summer. The only drawback is that while having semi-permanent mascara on eyelashes you shouldn’t use sauna or solarium. Effect will preserve for about three weeks. Thanks to this treatment you can forget about mascara, because eyelashes seem treated with it all the time: they are thicker, darker and longer. After three weeks you need to visit beauty parlour again to get rid of permanent make-up with help of specialistic make-up removal. Depending on preferences you can decide to try more delicate or more intense effect of darkened eyelashes.

Have a great vacation!