Want to add extra volume to your eyebrows, improve their shape, and enhance their natural look? The brow lamination treatment is for you! It can perfectly tame unruly brows, give them a thicker look, and camouflage gaps and sparse areas well. This is a popular beauty treatment that can be performed both in professional beauty salons and at home. We have prepared a ranking of the best DIY brow lamination kits that consumers are eagerly reaching for. With a properly selected brow lift kit, you will be able to save time and money.

Who is eyebrow lamination for?

Brow lamination is the perfect option for any woman who is unhappy with the look of her eyebrows. Do you have sparse, thin brows, or perhaps unruly and thick arches that grow in the wrong directions? Eyebrow lamination will definitely work for you! Thanks to this treatment, your eyebrows will become more voluminous and their shape will be properly defined. Most importantly – the effects last for up to 6 weeks, so during this time you won’t have to worry about the look of your eyebrows at all!

Is DIY eyebrow lamination safe?

Brow lamination is a non-invasive and completely safe treatment that you can perform by yourself. All you need to do is choose a good DIY eyebrow lamination kit, which includes detailed instructions for use and all the necessary tools. Always perform a patch test before your eyebrow lamination treatment to make sure that the solutions work well for you. Remember that brow lamination should not be performed too often so as not to weaken brow hairs.

Can brow lamination be done at home?

Brow lamination at home is possible with one of the good brow lamination kits, available on the beauty market. It should contain everything you need to perform the eyebrow lamination treatment by yourself at home. Make sure to carefully read the instructions for use and follow them step by step. In addition, make sure that there are no contraindications so that you can perform the treatment safely.

RANKING – most recommended kits for DIY brow lamination 

1) Nanobrow Lamination Kit for professional brow lamination at home

Do you dream to wake up every day with perfectly shaped eyebrows? Nanobrow Lamination Kit for DIY brow lamination is eagerly chosen by women all over the world! It contains all the necessary tools and solutions to perform brow lamination by yourself at home without any effort. The complete Nanobrow Lamination Kit sets your eyebrows in the desired direction for 6 weeks, so you don’t have to style them at all during this time. This kit for long-lasting lamination is enough for 10 individual treatments, saving you a lot of time and money. The recommended brow lift and lamination kit gives your brows the desired shape, plus it intensively regenerates and nourishes them. This is an excellent option for both thin, sparse, or thick and unruly eyebrows. The properly refined formulas, ingredients safe for sensitive skin, easy application, numbered bottles, and, of course, phenomenal results make this DIY brow lamination kit get such great online reviews and comments online.

Where to buy it: you can find it at www.nanobrow.us, in regular and online beauty stores, on marketplace platforms, in beauty salons

2) Miya Lash Brow Lift Kit for DIY brow lift 

Thicker, voluminous, and properly shaped eyebrows – the brow lift and lamination kit can give you long-lasting results. This innovative at-home eyebrow lamination kit can bring out the natural beauty of your eyebrows and increase their volume. The brow lamination treatment can make the eyebrows thick, shiny, and flexible for 4-6 weeks. The practical kit for brow lamination at home contains the elements necessary for the treatment. It is easy to use and allows you to perform DIY brow lamination at home without an expensive appointment at a beauty salon. The product contains safe ingredients suitable for sensitive skin. The brow lift kit is not as efficient as its predecessor but it is still worth investing in.

Where to buy it: it is available online and in regular

3) Iconsing Brow Lamination for long-lasting brow lamination

This complete kit for brow lamination at home is quite popular. It is recommended by women as it contains all the solutions and accessories to ensure you can do your own brow lamination without leaving home. The easy-to-use brow lift and lamination kit can make the thinnest brows stronger and well-shaped for about 4-5 weeks. During this time you don’t have to worry about your look at all. Just brush through your eyebrows with a spoolie every day and you’re ready to go. This kit for long-lasting eyebrow lamination kit is a good way to achieve thick and shiny eyebrows that will become much easier to style. A good lift kit changes the hair structure and makes it easier to style them, so you can be sure that your eyebrows look polished and elegant – just the way you want them.

Where to buy it: this brow lift kit is available online and in regular beauty stores

4) RefectoCil Brow Lamination – a set for brow lamination at home

It is a practical kit for brow lamination at home but it is much more expensive than its predecessors. At this price, you can find better kits for a long-lasting brow lift, but you can’t deny its performance. It’s a powerful lift and lamination kit that contains the key elements necessary for the treatment. It makes even the thinnest brows thicker, more voluminous, and easy to style. The ready-made brow lamination kit can define your eyebrows for 4-5 weeks, and there is enough for a dozen individual treatments. This is a good option for women who struggle with their sparse brows caused by over-plucking. A complete kit for brow lamination at home strengthens the structure of the brows and improves their natural shine.

Where to buy it: you can find the product both online and in regular beauty stores

5) Makeup Revolution Brow Lamination Kit for long-lasting DIY brow lift

This DIY brow lift and lamination kit delivers professional results for up to 1 week. It doesn’t last as long on the brows as its predecessors, but if you want to check whether the brow lamination effect is for you, this could be a good solution. This practical eyebrow lamination kit for home use can give your eyebrows the healthy gloss, volume, and shape you desire. This lamination kit contains everything you need to perform the lamination treatment yourself. The results look like when you have just left a beauty salon! The recommended kit for long-lasting brow lamination kit tames unruly arches in a few simple steps. The price considering the performance and quality is not encouraging to try it out.

Where to buy it: this DIY brow lamination kit is available online and in regular stores

How to choose a good brow lamination kit for home use?

In our ranking, we have rounded up the most recommended kits for brow lamination at home, which are eagerly chosen by consumers around the world. Choosing the right kit for long-lasting brow lift and lamination can be tricky, to say the least, but these few tips can help you:

  1. Pay attention to the brand of the eyebrow lamination kit. Is it known for producing high-quality products? Check out the user reviews who have already tried a particular brow lift kit and see which brand will work the best for you.
  2. Make sure that your DIY brow lamination kit contains safe ingredients that won’t damage your skin or cause unwanted allergic reactions. Check that the ingredients are natural and harmless.
  3. Prices of eyebrow lamination kits vary depending on the brand and quality of the products. More expensive does not always mean better. Choose a good brow lamination kit for home use that is within your budget while remaining the best possible quality.
  4. Check that your brow lamination kit contains everything you need to perform the treatment by yourself without leaving home.
  5. Read the instructions for use and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations while laminating your brows at home. Make sure that your DIY brow lamination will not cause you any problems and that you know exactly how to use the products inside the kit.
  6. Check out the reviews from other users who have tried a particular eyebrow lamination kit. Pay attention to their experiences, opinions on the quality of the products, and, of course, the results that the particular brow lift kit delivers.

Whether the brow lamination kit is right for you depends on your needs and preferences. Make your decision carefully and choose a DIY brow lamination kit that will work best for you. Our ranking of the best kits for long-lasting brow lamination kits should make your task easier!