Exclusive British company Burberry has a long tradition. It has enjoyed great prestige and recommendation from the British Royal Family for 160 years now, and the Burberry sign – characteristic grid- is best known and most frequently reproduced pattern in the world.

Every single item launched by the brand is prestigious. The company is flawless. No wonder then that it has also leading position when it comes to make-up cosmetics, Burberry mascaras are the object of love and adoration for every woman. British Burberry fashion house may pride itself on making two ingenious mascaras. They both look beautiful – rectangular vials with traditional grid pattern and shades of matt silver, grey and graphite.

Bold Lash Mascara has a traditional,conical, very well-made wand which is meant to give them volume and a spectatular, tridimensional effect but at the same time maintains their structure and provides gentle thickening. The formula of the mascara has intensive pigmentation to give a dazzling effect through deep black and to avoid giving a dull look.

There are two colour versions of the mascara – brown and black. Shade of brown mesmerizes with its richness. It resembles dark chocolate. It is beautiful and dignified, which gives the effect of very natural lashes in terms of their colour. It stands out among other mascaras which offer unnatural and a bit failed and faded shade of brown. Definitely this colour won’t dissapoint you.

Curve Lash Mascara was made for women who have short and straight eyelashes. The mascara perfectly seperates the lashes and covers with colour even the shortest ones, also curls them in a professional way. It works well even with really demanding eyelashes, it doesn’t brittle or fall off, and gives, desired by women, “eye-opening effect”. The wand is small, it allows for big precision in make-up and looks really extraordinarily – the spiral resembles a flattened oval and hairs are curlily embedded at its full-length. This mascara can do more than you might expect.

Just as its predecessor, it is available in two colour versions – deep black and intensive beautiful chocolate shade.

Another advantage of both mascaras is how easy it is to remove it during evening make-up removal. No invasive rubbing or pulling out the lashes, no weakening the hairs. It is extremely difficult to achieve this effect – durable mascara which doesn’t brittle or fall off and is so easy to remove. Marce Burberry did it.

It’s a must for you to get one of the two sensational mascaras launched by the brand to go with your favourite Burberry bag. Not only are they perfect but also have a fantastic design.

Many women say, and they’re right, that every woman should buy a Burberry mascara at least once in a lifetime and because life is short, hurry up – treat yourself to some royal glamour.