What’s the most popular body treatment of recent months? Without doubts it is dry body brushing. HIT among beauty bloggers, celebs and influencers. What is it, how to do it and should you incorporate it into your beauty routine? We know the answers.

There are lots of “magical” ways to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks – some of them are effective, others are not. Dry body brushing is the one that millions of women rave about. This natural treatment is supposed to plump up the body and rejuvenate the skin without any cosmetics.

Dry body brushing

If you belong to people thinking that body brushing sounds like torture, you should definitely learn more about the treatment. Believe us, massaging the body with a natural-bristle brush is the most relaxing thing you can imagine.

This is one of the most popular forms of massage – known for ages and practised in many cultures. Over time it got slightly forgotten and replaced by a quick application of cellulite creams. We also forgot that dry body brushing makes skin healthier and better-looking. Of course it must be done properly! Let’s re-discover dry body brushing: get a brush for a supple, sexy body!

What benefits does dry body brushing bring?

  • Fast and effective exfoliation of dead cells.
  • Massage and relaxation.
  • Improved microcirculation and loss of fat tissue.
  • Minimized swelling and water retention.
  • Smooth, elastic skin.
  • Fat dissolution and reduced cellulite.
  • Restored youth and plumpness of the skin.

All this can be achieved without any beauty products. The secret to dry body brushing is being completely natural.

The best cellulite treatment

Many girls swear by dry body brushing as the best way to get rid of cellulite. Is this really possible that a brush brings back skin’s plumpness, smoothness and youthful look?

It does make sense because brushing improves the blood flow so it helps burn fat accumulating under the skin. Additionally, it breaks the bumps on the skin and distributes the fat tissue evenly again. Because the treatment boosts skin’s elasticity too, the anti-cellulite effect is really striking.

How to: dry body brushing

This is really simple! Firstly, take hold of a brush (it’s easier if a brush has a handle attached). Next, press the brush to the skin, e.g. on the thigh, and massage it using smooth motions in the direction of the heart (with the blood flow) – don’t be either too gentle or harsh. Keep massaging in the same direction.

It’s best to give each skin section from 5 to 6 brushstrokes. You can massage the entire body but do it for up to 10 minutes to avoid skin irritations. One session won’t make cellulite disappear so it’s better to keep the massage short but do it more often.

Obviously, the effects also depend on the accessories you use. Let us be clear: not every brush works for dry body brushing! This home treatment requires a special tool.

Natural-bristle brushes are the most popular for this kind of massage. The bristle should be thick and quite hard but it’s best to match the stiffness to your needs and skin’s sensitivity. Agave-bristle wooden brushes are best-selling but you can choose others as well. Most of them are round or oval so you can hold them comfortably.