Perfectly performed make-up is the best solution for mood and confidence boost. It covers our imperfections and highlights our best features. However, great make-up equals more than professional make-up. It is also about harmony of colours that works best with woman’s beauty. The most popular are slip ups with eye make-up, so we will prompt you some tips about which colours fit given iris colour.

Ladies with brown eyes should (beside classical black) choose eye pencils in shades of grey and pewter, but no silver, other colours that will go perfectly with their eyes are deep and elegant navy and equally sophisticated dark green. Great is khaki colour.

Women with naturally blue eyes are really lucky, because they can wear almost every colour as long as it matches the eye shadow. Blue eyes will look beautiful in colours of light violet (lily) and turquoise. Steel pewter will stunningly highlight blue colour of iris while silver will make them delicate and gorgeous at the same time.

Green eyes – are beautiful the way they are. All you have to do is to underline them with an eye pencil in shades of brown or violet. Remember only that violet cannot be too light. Best are dusky, plum shades.

Those of you who have very dark eye colour, close to dark chocolate (commonly such eyes are called black) have the easiest task. It is because you have to match colour of eye pencil, not with the iris (because it goes well with every colour) but with… colour and style of your clothes.

Hazel eyes look great with eye pencil in shade of dark green, but also warm yellow and gold. They can gain spectacular appearance with colours of copper or bras. Right shade of violet can provide eyes with some spark.