What is the eyelashes best friend? You rather do not need any special prompting, because you know it, that mascara is no longer. Nowadays, women are inseparable with eyelash conditioners. The most popular among them is Nanolash. Let us introduce to you the most important reasons for which you should purchase your own eyelash serum. Some of them may surprise you!

We are more and more keen on use of eyelash conditioners. Those are cosmetics with highly concentrated ingredients and complex properties. Their main task is not only general eyelash condition improvement, but also to make them more expressive as well. Until now, such effects could be achieved only with make-up cosmetics. Currently, results of this kind are provided also by conditioning products like Nanolash eyelash serum.


  • takes care of eyelashes, nourishes them and strengthens on the inside,
  • stimulates eyelashes growth, thickens and darkens them.

Various benefits of eyelash growth serums make them more desirable to use. What is more, solutions offered by their manufacturers seem to match our needs best. We love universal cosmetics, especially if we can combine conditioning with beautifying. So, if Nanolash eyelash serum simultaneously nourishes, provides length and darkens lashes, there is no sense in buying three separate products. We can save not only space in the cosmetic bag, but also time dedicated for application. No matter how you look at it, application of one serum will always take much less time than use of three cosmetics. Furthermore, cost of treatment is also much smaller and effects much better. It does not pay off to overpay. You do not have to buy additional mascara or conditioning product. The entire treatment lasts six months for price of one product. You can see savings with your bare eye.

Those of you who yet do not know properties of eyelash growth serums may consider it to be pointless. Many people take it for irrational to nourish eyelashes, which should just stay the way they are. In various reviews of Nanolash there are constantly mentioned number of reasons for which users of eyelash serum decide to try properties of Nanolash. Think about the current condition of your eyelashes. And now read about the most common reasons women use eyelash serum for. Perhaps that is the help necessary also for your lashes!

Reason No 1
Weakening of lashes due to cosmetic treatments

The dream about beautiful eyelashes pushes women to use of all kinds of methods. Many of them decide on eyelash extensions. Fake lashes for one time use can damage natural lashes during regular putting them on and off. On the other hand, permanent lashes, weaken bulbs even more and after their removal, lashes are in terrible condition. Keep in mind, that we talk here about correctly performed treatments. In situation when you undertake eyelash extension treatment performed by inexperienced stylist, the consequences can be even worse.

Nanolash eyelash serum helps in elimination of damages caused by eyelash stylisation treatments. Serum regenerates, strengthens and nourishes weaken lashes. On top of that, bulbs are much better rooted, and lashes go back to their previous state. What is the most curious is that treatment with Nanolash can be executed during wearing extensions. Prophylactic use of Nanolash can make lashes stronger in the moment of taking off false lashes. Nanolash does not dissolve glue, so it can be used freely.

Reason No 2
Weaken eyelashes due to external factors

nnolash waterCosmetic treatments are not the only one to have unfavourable influence on eyelashes. Although, we do not realise it, there are multiple factors that have impact on eyelashes condition. Imbalanced diet, poor in vitamins and minerals results with deficit of nourishing ingredients in lashes. Changing weather conditions (freeze, humidity, heat) or environmental pollution (dust, specks) can weaken every hair, including eyelashes. If you observed excess hair loss then you probably lose lashes excessively as well.

Nanolash eyelash serum supports proper functioning of bulbs. It not only stimulates them, but also provides growth. Unfavourable external conditions can disturb those processes and that will lead to worsening of lashes condition. Eyelash growth serum Nanolash, regulates processes occurring in the follicles and ensures proper lifespan of lashes. Support for weaken lashes is also creation of protective layer on each lash. This way Nanolash limits access of harmful external factors to eyelashes and eliminates their adverse impact.

Reason No 3
Eyelash damage due to lack of skills

There is yet another way to weaken eyelashes – we can do that on our own. It usually happens when we do not know how to take care of our lashes. It can be, because of incorrect choice of cosmetics (e.g. mascara, make-up removal). Too strong product for our lashes can significantly weaken them. Despite all, the most common reason for it is incompetent make-up removal. Delicate lashes do not like pulling, pressing, squishing or rubbing with soaked cotton pad. Therefore, cosmetic should be gentle enough to dissolve cosmetics without necessity of rubbing make-up off.

There is good reason for which Nanolash should be applied always after thorough make-up removal. Clean eyelids are an open way for nourishing ingredients to reach bulbs, but that is not all. In particular after make-up removal, lashes maybe weaken. They are in need of support and strengthening, which is provided by Nanolash. As a result, lashes gain moisture, and complex of nourishing ingredients that are delivered in the moment lashes need it the most.