Manufacturers of mascaras are racing with their innovative ideas, which are expected, firstly to give an amazing and enthusiastic effect on our eyelashes and secondly to draw attention with their unusual and freaky design. Every now and then, on the market emerges truly shocking mascara. Some of them are so freaky that you are actually afraid of using them. Do they work? Here is some “freak show” for you, i.e. the most unusual mascaras.

1. Bourjous Volume Fast and Perfect – mascara with battery and spinning and vibrating wand. It has built-in switch that starts spiral and makes it spin. The rotation of the wand can be adjusted to left and right – depending on which eye it is meant to be used and which eyelashes you want to cover with mascara – upper or lower. Unfortunately, in use it is quite uncomfortable. Its long wand does not make application any easier, because it can mess the eyelids. Rotation of the spiral results with pulling the eyelashes out, instead of covering them with the product. Mascara is great with the spinning turned off – only then you have a chance for spectacular eyelashes and beautiful make-up.

2. Avon Mega Effect Mascara – surprises at the first sight, because it does not look like mascara at all. It is not a round, an egg-shaped or a long bottle. It is a flat, black and pink box, which in no way looks like it holds inside flat, brush with flexible grip; that looks a bit like a spoon. There goes red light in our head and appears a thought: how am I suppose to use it? It cannot work. Contrary to appearances, it is quite comfortable to hold, because the grip can be bend to avoid messing the skin and so that bristle was in contact only with eyelashes. Effects are a positive surprise. Use of mascara was never this simple. It is worth a recommendation to all the teenagers who just started their adventure with make-up. Eyelashes are covered with mascara in no time and perfectly combed out. The capacity of this mascara is 9 ml, which is just like in traditional products of this type.

3. Vibrating mascara – Prescriptives Motoe Eyes Instant Action Mascara – this mascara, in contrary to the previously described Bourjois do not have a switch, the wand starts to vibrate after opening it. It does not spin but slightly vibrates. The mascara is thick, but there is no problem with its application on eyelashes. You can quit zigzag movement during application of mascara, because this “shaking” wand will easily do that for you. Application of mascara is quick as ever. Eyelashes are nicely covered with mascara, which is non-flaking and non-smudging. It does not irritate sensitive eyes and eyelashes are beautifully combed out. You just have to learn to use it and get use to slight tickling.

4. Helena Rubinstein Surrealist Everfresh Mascara – the mascara like an eyelash lip gloss. It has clear bottle, so you can see the black cosmetic in it. The bottle is meant to show the content and be a proof of that – as manufacturer claims – mascara never dries out. So you can observe it. Formula of mascara is truly liquid and deprived of lumps.

The wand of mascara resembles the sponge, which can be found in lip glosses. It is egg-shaped and really small, and that makes it amazingly precise. It reaches every eyelash. However, use of this mascara is not a good idea, when you have little time you can dedicate for make-up, e.g. in the morning. Small brush needs more time in front of the mirror.

5. Sephora Upside Down Mascara – is a mascara for both sides application. It looks like a tongs with brushes on both sides. When you want to use it you have to grab eyelashes in them, on the up and down and apply mascara from both sides. Wands have different shapes, so they allow to gain double effect: provide length, thickness, curl eyelashes and separate them. What is the effect? A little bit too complex. It requires a lot of skill and precision. It is easy to mess your eyelids (both upper and lower) and sadly it makes eyelashes straight instead of curling them.

6. Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara – this mascara has only one brush, but with help of small white knob placed on the tip of the mascara you can change its shape. Depending on the need you can make its bristle longer or shorter and that allows two different effects on the eyelashes: firstly provides length and secondly increases their volume.

Does it work? After first fascination with this innovative and slightly surprising addition you will realise that it is entirely redundant – classical wand delivers both length and thickening without the necessity of changing wands volume.