There were face masks with animal prints, bubble masks, gel masks, and now the time has come for another beauty hit. Glitter face masks took over the Instagram and #glittermask is currently very… standing out hashtag loved by influencers. Check out what is glitter mask, what are its benefits, and is it worth buying.

Glitter mask – what is it?

It’s simply a face mask that has glitter in it. Do you want to feel like a true princess? This face mask is a true beauty glamour. It’s locked in a jar. Once you open it, you will see gel that looks almost identical as hair styling gel only thousands of shimmering particles with various shapes are mixed with it. Glitter hearts, stars, pearls? Most certainly! Glitter face mask looks beautiful, but does it work?

Glitter mask – properties

Glitter masks can have all sorts of properties. However, the most popular us cleansing, moisturizing, and lifting.

The main ingredient in the glitter mask is active charcoal. It’s the best cleansing component that gets rid of all toxins and pollution as well as excess sebum! That is why the glitter mask helps you cleanse the skin, tone it, and moisturize it.

The mask’s composition is not solely based on the charcoal because it contains also lifting and rejuvenating ingredients as well as numerous calming and soothing components for the skin.

Obviously, the face mask was not created only for nourishment. How you look in it is also important and that is why glitter mask is taking over Instagram. You can say that it advertises itself because you look in it… well, see for yourself! It’s probably one of few face masks that you won’t want to take off because it looks awesome!

Glitter mask – is it worth it?

If you like to shine, you will most certainly love the cosmic particles and holographic stars and glitter. That’s not all because the glitter mask works amazing! It improves skin tone and eliminates minor wrinkles. High-quality glitter mask is free from parabens and sulfates and does not clog pores while its gel texture makes it stay on the face without running down. It is best to use it twice a week. The only drawback is the price of the glitter face mask.

Glitter mask – how to use it?

The use of a glitter mask is really simple. Just open the jar and apply the shimmering cosmetic onto the face. The mask has been equipped in a special brush that makes application easier. The gel slightly solidifies on the skin and does not run down the face.

The treatment with a glitter mask takes a bit longer than with a ‘regular’ mask so leave it on for around 30-40 minutes. The glitter mask will dry pretty fast and its peel-off formula makes it easy to remove.

If you want to feel (literally!) like a star that stuns with the shimmer, make your skin spark like a night’s sky. The glitter mask is the hit of last months because it not only improves skin condition but also your mood.