You can be slimmer, subtract few years, add to your intelligence, make someone trust you or create the climate of intimacy only with use of perfumes! A drop of aroma with secret note is all you need to change everything. We want to show you the world of amazing properties of perfumes.

The first impression can be made only once. It relates to more than just appearance, though it focuses most of it. Its complementation is scent, which the most significantly influences senses. With right fragrance, we can communicate more non-verbal information about ourselves. How with properly chosen perfumes you can create the image you want people to see? That’s simple.

Scent: pink grapefruit
Effect: rejuvenation

Aroma of pink grapefruit creates an impression as if we were younger than in reality. It was proven by American neurologist, Alan Hirsch. To the group of men were served samples of various scents and then they were asked to assess the age of women in the pictures. Indeed, the note of pink grapefruit definitely changed the way of perceiving women’s age. Men thought women in the pictures were younger.

Scent: lavender
Effect: trust

Relaxing properties of lavender are one thing. Scent of lavender makes a person wearing them seem more trustworthy. It was yet again confirmed by an experiment, where people using different perfumes were asking for a loan. Those who wore lavender aroma were able to get the most money.

Scent: spicy-floral
Effect: slimming down

Perfumes with notes of spices and some flowers are great for improvement of weight perception. Spicy aroma subtracts few pounds. To many people we then seem much thinner. You do not need strict diet when you can use some fragrance manipulation.

Scent: green grass, leafy
Effect: intelligence

The genius is hidden in the leaves. Green notes of leaves, grass and buds have significant impact on fragrance memory and enhance certain emotions in the converser. That is how some people remember us as visionary and genius. Fresh aroma of green plants undeniably make us seem more intelligent.