For how long are L’Oréal Paris products available? Are Vaseline or Shiseido new manufacturers? Why do you remember Nivea cream from your grandmothers toilet bag? What is the name of the oldest cosmetic brand in the world? To those and other questions, you can find answers below. Let us present ranking of the oldest cosmetic brands.

No 1 Yardley London – over 250 years

The oldest brand is British Yardley London, which was officially founded in 1770. However, their iconic soaps were sold only in London even 200 years earlier. To this day, Yardley London stocks British Royal Family with their soaps. Products of this brand are based on special kind of lavender, which is exclusively owned by Yardley.

No 2 Kiehl’s – 165 years

Another brand is Kiehl’s. The beginnings of cosmetic production for them was year 1851. However, at that time they manufactured under different name – East Village. The first iconic product from this American brand was Love Oil, i.e. Kiehl’s original formula of musk oil.

No 3 Vaseline – 146 years

Quite big surprise in this ranking can be Vaseline. In the last months it took over dragstores, but it is not a new brand in this market, more like reactivation. American Vaseline products, based on petroleum jelly were made since 1870.

No 4 Shiseido – 119 years

Shiseido gained a lot of popularity lately, because people are more and more keen on using products from this Asian brand. Shiseido was founded in Japan in 1872. At that time it was functioning as a one of pharmacies in Tokyo. In 1897, brand launched their first skin care product, revitalising essence Eudermine, which can be bought to this day.

No 5 L’Oréal Paris – 107 years

Fifth position belongs to well-known L’Oréal Paris. Its beginnings reach year 1909, when French company L’Oréal was created. Eugène Schueller, founder of the brand, in first years of company existence was selling patented by him, safe hair colourant. Hair care products from L’Oréal Paris weren’t introduced until 1928.

No 6 Nivea – 105 years

Last position belongs to brand that cannot be left behind. Nivea Creme is a well-known product of our childhood. Properties of this product were appreciated by our grandparents. Nivea is one of the most recognisable brands that helps with skin care since 1911. What’s interesting, till 1925 original version of the jar had yellow colour.