Indeed, even the most durable nail polish will crack and chip. Even the one that is the hottest trend of last season – hybrid manicure. Although, it is expected to last four weeks at some point it will require some adjustments or removal. Let’s see how can you do that at home.

It is believed that hybrid manicure is the most durable. At first sight it does not look special at all. However, by contrast to traditional manicure, hybrid nail polish is more glossy and resistant to chipping. For their execution is used Shellac nail polish. It is important to prepare nail plate, harden each layer under UV lamp and protect manicure with top coat. The only flaw of hybrid manicure is that it should be removed in the beauty parlour. It is followed by additional costs and waste of your time. However, from now on you can do that at home. How to do that?

To remove hybrid manicure is necessary good quality nail polish remover (best with acetone) and a bit of patience. First method is really simple: pour nail polish remover into the bowl and dip your fingers in it for five minutes. Second method requires a bit more of creativity. Cut cotton pads in half, soak them with acetone and wrap with aluminium foil so that it all adhere to nails. After about 10 minutes, hybrid manicure should go right off. You can remove the residues with the wooden stick. To finish treatment, polish the nail plate, wash and dry your hands. Then, apply hand cream on skin and nails.

And can you perform hybrid manicure at home? In theory, yes. And you do not even need to possess any cosmetic abilities. All you need is to purchase Shellac nail polish and small UV lamp. Where can you buy those accessories and products? You can find it all in the Internet or shops with stock for beauty parlours. You have to apply hybrid nail polish the way you do it with traditional nail polishes. But, remember to harden individual layers under UV lamp.