New mascaras you cannot pass by indifferently. You have to try one of them!

1. Astor Big & Beautiful ZigZag – the true revolution in this mascara is its wand. The entire innovative action of the cosmetic is based on it. The shape of twisted spiral does great work and helps with everyday make-up. Such a curled, separated and long lashes you have never had. And all of that in just one moment.

2. Rimmel Volume Colourist – some women claim that without eyelashes make-up they feel “naked” and strange. Now it will change with new mascara from Rimmel. This brilliant cosmetic step by step darkens your lashes. Thanks to it, after two weeks you will stop panicking when your man sees you in the morning without make-up. The charm of your look will still work (wonders).

3. Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect – Max Factor cannot stay behind. Manufacturers pretty quickly loved the effect of spiral wand. And so, Lash Uplift Brush spiral perfectly combs and separates each lash at the same time providing them with professional length and thickening. On top of that, it works at the roots.

4. Physicians Formula – is a mascara for seducers. It not only has beautiful bottle with emerald colour with a crown and silver court shoe, but also seduces with scent of vanilla, cocoa and… aphrodisiacs locked in a small bottle. What about lashes? They become beautiful, long, seductive and sensual. This mascara leads us to temptation!

5. Shiseido – is a true innovation. New Shiseido, according to the manufacturer, does something called “personalised volume” to your eyelashes. Is it like a personal trainer for eyelashes? Why not! Do you need delicate, everyday make-up or maybe something spectacular for the evening out? Personalised mascara will help you with that.

6. Smashbox X-Rated – do you like applying mascara? Even on already painted eyelashes? Are you a fan of Donatella Versace who claims that there is no such thing as too many layers of mascara? This is a mascara for you. It will never disappoint you. With each layer you will provide eyelashes with brilliant volume. Let’s play a constructor. Get to it!

7. MAC Cosmetics Zac Posen – this New Yorker just entered cosmetic branch. Along with MAC Cosmetics, he released his first line of make-up cosmetics. Among many, there is a mascara in an iconic, monochromatic, dark green bottle. No kidding. This mascara will get rid of its competition pretty quick. It is because, classical, cone-shaped wand is something most women will go for.

8. Sumptuous Knockout Defining Lift and Fan Mascara Estee Lauder – the class in its truest form. Beautifully made mascara with cornflower, silicon wand will provide every woman with thick lashes which will never clump. It amazes with its properties and precision. Content of two fibres brilliantly lengthens and curls eyelashes. It is a true horn of plenty for your eyelashes.