Smooth skin, with no ingrowth hair or irritations is a dream of many women. Let’s see how to perform hair removal and what can you do so that the procedure was easier and less painful. You will love those tricks so much that you will want to use them all the time.

Does lightening the skin have something to do with hair removal? Well, yes! Often hair removal can cause skin darkening in areas particularly sensitive – bikini area or armpits. That is why, it is recommend to lighten those parts of the body. For the treatment are used vitamin C or AHA and BHA acids. Those substances make skin complexion even, lighten discolourations and make skin smooth and beautiful. If your skin is super sensitive or prone to allergies, wait till epidermis regenerate and all irritations disappear.

Choose a right time for hair removal. Unwanted hair can be easily removed after bath or shower. Thanks to steam and hot water, pores will open, the skin will be warmed up and hair – soften. This way hair removal will not cause any problems, irritations or ingrowth. The best moment for hair removal is evening. It is because, overnight skin will regenerate and light pyjamas and sheets will not irritate it. After hair removal of excess hair, dry skin with towel and apply moisturising balm, butter or chamomile compress.

The direction of shaving is extremely important. First, remove hair accordingly to their growth then against it. Thanks to this trick you will be certain that all hair were removed. Because of removal of hair with their growth you make skin accustom to the treatment and avoid irritations. Before proceeding with hair removal against their growth, apply additional dosage of shaving cream. This way you can limit risk of allergy and ingrowth hair.

Perform peeling before hair removal. It is a perfect way to get rid of impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells. What is more, you can make it easier to remove hair. Skin after this procedure will be smooth and hair removal will be more enjoyable and easier. If you have sensitive skin, wait some time after peeling. You shouldn’t remove hair right away because then it can cause irritations, lead to allergies and inflammations.