Each of us is different and equipped in different items connected with appearance. Long legs, short legs, small nose, big nose, full lips, narrow lips, long lashes, short lashes, fine or dense lashes… indeed: eyelashes. They are the one we think the most about, because application of mascara is an action no woman can skip during the day. One stroke of mascara and your look gains depth and eyes colour. We are getting more beautiful at once!

Mascara manufacturers know that well enough. So, to meet needs of every woman, they release an immense number of mascaras. Each of them is different and has different composition, but main difference lies in the mascara wand. Depending on the eyelashes you were given by the Mother Nature, you can choose cosmetic that will help your eyelashes look stunning.

Here is the short overview of mascara wand, that will help you choose the right one for you.

1. Straight wand – is the most popular and is a classical wand used in mascara. Its bristle is of same length and in an equal distance from each other. Most women like it because its use causes no greater problems. It beautifully separates, gently makes lashes longer and thickens them. This wand is perfect for everyday make-up. Women with pretty and healthy eyelashes should decide to use this particular wand.

2. Thick wand – is a “harden” version of classical straight wand, a type of “tuning”. It is thicker and denser to provide spectacular effects of make-up. It significantly improves volume and thickens eyelashes. If you have short and fine lashes, you should try this wand. However, it should be used carefully and with moderation to avoid clumping of lashes and not to overdo with the amount of cosmetic. Otherwise it can significantly weight lashes down and make them look unnatural and unaesthetic. Women usually pick this wand for nights out, which require stronger make-up.

3. Cone-shaped wand – thicker and longer bristle is at the base of the spiral and step by step becomes shorter, so that you can easily access the finest and shortest lashes. This wand is a great help when you want to apply mascara on short lashes in the corners of eyes. Thicker side of the wand provides dense. Wand of this type is often chosen by the ladies who have eyelashes in various length.

4. Wand with bent spiral – such shape of mascara allows performance of make-up with one stroke, because it reaches every lash on the lashes line. It is perfect for people who have little time, especially in the morning. What is more, this shape of spiral should be picked by women with long, but stiff eyelashes. Thanks to it they will be raised and curled.

5. Round wand – has a shape of ball and small brush. Bristle of the spiral is placed evenly around and allow precision in make-up. Effects are stunning, because with this wand you can execute also very precise make-up of lower eyelashes. However, this type of spiral requires some proficiency and make-up takes more time.

6. Comb-shaped wand – allows make-up without clumped eyelashes, because it perfectly and precisely separates them. It also does not allow excess amounts of the mascara. On top of that, this spiral is mostly made of silicon and provides really beautiful eyelashes make-up. It is recommended to those ladies who are not proficient in use of mascara and those who do not want to spend too much time on make-up.