Every woman expects something different while deciding on the conscious eyelash care – repair, volume, extension, darkening… Define your goal and choose a way of getting beautiful lashes that suits you the most.

What makes for the woman’s beautiful, charming and slightly mysterious look? The eye shape or color doesn’t matter. Makeup isn’t the most important yet it’s a good way to define the eyes. So what’s the secret? Eyelashes that make every eye (no matter the shape, color, makeup) beautifully defined and enhanced. Lash care is crucial – the best ways of getting stunning lashes are definitely worth knowing.

1. An everyday care routine

Being gentle and delicate is very important to your lashes. When you care for them every single day, they’re going to repay with an amazing appearance. Makeup removal is essential. A must-follow rule – clean and makeup-free lashes are healthy and – consequently – beautiful. A daily lash care is a brilliant way to save lashes from the harmful factors. It isn’t going to stimulate growth or regenerate them but it lets you keep them in shape.

2. Occasional repairing treatments

Different at-home treatments belong to this group. For example, applying natural oils or serums to eyelashes. These products aim at repairing the lashes, ensuring the hydration and promoting the growth. Which solution is better?

  • Eyelash growth oils give superficial effects, gently protecting the hairs from damage and loss of hydration. Castor oil is the one most recommended for eyelash growth. Too bad it’s so hard to apply it to lashes and the effects aren’t spectacular.
  • A lash serum is hands down better solution, being the best composition of vitamins, minerals and nutritional ingredients. Its application is troublefree thanks to an on-point applicator. It directly penetrates the lash bulbs and works deeply thus more intensively than natural oils. If a serum has good quality and you remember to apply it regularly, it won’t only give repair and strength but will prevent eyelash loss and speed up growth, too.

3. Professional treatments

Obviously, you can try some professional treatments, including strip or individual false lashes, volume eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, eyelash perm or lifting. Each of the procedures has some benefits and drawbacks. It’s usually a choice of women who expect immediate and bold effects.

  • Semi-permanent lashes and volume extensions are quite similar, and involve applying individual or cluster falsies to natural hairs. With the right choice of length, thickness and color, you get different effects. Sadly, wearing fake lashes hugely weighs natural hairs down, may cause irritation and trigger lash loss.
  • Eyelash tinting can be done in two ways: with natural henna or a durable pigment. Regardless of the method, tinting intensifies the color and may make lashes look longer – that’s all. The effect is temporary and you must be aware of potential irritations.
  • Eyelash perm and lift are two similar procedures, too. In both cases, professional products curl lashes up and enhance their shape for a bolder look. Regrettably, the treatment is indifferent to the length but it may also involve darkening the lashes.