Who doesn’t like sunbathing? Chocolate or olive skin looks really awesome. But do you know that the sun can cause discolouration, overdried skin and wrinkles? Check how to sunbathe safely.

Do you know which Sun Protection Factor block UV rays?

It turns out that such a cosmetic doesn’t exist. None of the care products will provide us with 100% sun protection. Maybe, it’s not so bad. After all, we need vitamine D which comes from the sun. As we say, forewarned is forearmed and even low protection won’t bring any harm. Some people believe that we should use sunscreen even in winter. Why is sun protection so important? It’s because UVA and IR radiation penetrate into the dermis. An excessive dose of sunrays could devastate both our organism and our skin. As a result, we could develop serious skin diseases.

How does sun radiation work?

5% of UVB radiation reaches the Earth. Although it penetrates into the epidermis, it doesn’t penetrate into the dermis. Thanks to this 5% we can enjoy beautiful suntan. Sadly, it’s also responsible for sunburns. 95% of UVA radiation reaches the Earth. It causes discolouration, wrinkles and allergic reactions. Infrared radiation (IR) has a similar influence.

What does SPF number on a sunscreen mean?

The number and three letters mean the degree of protection from UVB radiation. Interestingly, 15, 30 and 50 SPF block similar amount of radiation which reach the Earth’s surface. It doesn’t matter which cream we are going to choose. Regular application of the sunscreen is much more important. You apply it before and during every sunbathe. After sunbathing, it’s worth to use a repairing or soothing cream for hot skin.