Not everyone can use sunbaths. Surprised? There are people who have allergy to the Sun, super sensitive skin or skin damages making sunbaths impossible. Check if you should also be careful of UVA and UVB radiation.

It may seem odd, but some people have allergy to the Sun. Then, of course all dermatologists warn against too long sunbaths. Long exposure to the sun can result with serious damage to epidermis and dermis; it is a factor that aids wrinkles and discolourations. Skin irritations caused by long lasting contact of skin with the Sun can have form of blisters, rash or spots. If mentioned symptoms spread outside the tanned skin, then it may be related with photosensitive factors. We can enumerate here some pain killers, hormonal drugs or diruletic drugs.

Skin covered with blackheads, acne and other imperfections shouldn’t be exposed to sun radiation. There is a common believe that sun radiation can dry all skin changes. That’s true, but some time after catching the sun acne can intensify and sebaceous glands can produce excess amounts of sebum. Did you know that cold sore can appear after long sunbaths? If you experienced imperfections like those above, you should quit sunbathing.

Moles and discolourations appear because of overproduction of melanin in the skin. Some of them maybe a serious cancer or other disease. If any mole or discolouration expanded after last exposure to the sun you have to visit dermatologist. The doctor will perform dermatoscopic examination, which means that he or she will look at the skin changes under the microscope. To avoid discolourations, regularly use sun filter creams.