We present you with six tricks that will make your everyday rituals, concerning eyelashes, much easier.

  1. Bend your wand. You will see how suddenly application of mascara in the inner corners become easier. It can also come handy when you will apply it on lower eyelashes and help avoid smudges and spots. Just 45° and what a result!
  2. Your mascara ran dry and you have no time to buy a new one? Place your mascara for few minutes in a bowl with hot water. High temperature will dilute the mascara inside the bottles and you can easily apply it on your eyelashes. Remember also to clean the wand in warm water. For sure, there is some dry mascara on it.
  3. You need waterproof mascara, but you hate its removal during evening make-up removal? Try this: first apply an ordinary black mascara then the waterproof one. Result? You can easily go to the pool. Make-up will stay in one place and in the evening will be easy to remove.
  4. Did you know that professional make-up artist use baby powder to enhance volume of lashes? The rule is simple: first one layer of mascara, then layer of baby powder applied with delicate brush or applicator and then another layer of mascara. Effect is stunning. Why wouldn’t you try?
  5. Here is a simple way to apply mascara on the lower eyelashes without smudges and spots: take a tea spoon or just a plastic spoon (personally I saw a woman placing business card against her eye) and place it under your lower eyelashes. Now just apply mascara. All smudges and lines will stay on the spoon and your face will be intact.
  6. Keep a wand from your old mascara. Clean it in warm water with soap (e.g. baby soap), or even treat with boiling water. Wand will be perfect for combing brows. Wands are usually really solid and precise. You can do the same thing when you run out of eyeliner. Take the brush and dip it in the mascara bottle to make line on the eyelid. If you use good quality mascara, effect will be stunning, and you save some money.