I love face masks, so no wonder that couple weeks ago I decided to introduce the test of new product of this kind. I’m sure you are all curious how in my case worked regenerating, smoothing, moisturising and rejuvenating Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask from Yasumi. Read below my review!

Few words on the test

I started test of night mask with hyaluronic acid and Argireline from Yasumi about two and a half weeks ago. I applied mask every three days in the evening, just before going to sleep. I left thin layer on face (sometimes also on neck and cleavage) over night. Why did I decide to use Yasumi mask? I was least interested in moisturising properties of this product. I focused on getting rid of crow’s feet and laughter lines. Have Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask brought expected results?

More closely about composition

In earlier post I wrote few words on the composition of the mask, but I would like to say something more on the subject. Base substances of night mask from Yasumi are: hyaluronic acid, Argireline, Fucogel complex and glycerine, of which I talked before. What more? Sadly, mask’s composition is filled with silicones (at least two) and preservatives, but we will also find alcohol. I don’t think it’s good for our skin. How did mask work in reality?

Products formula

Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask from Yasumi is locked in small, soft tube with about 1,06 fl. oz. Application of product do not causes any problems and the the tube is airtight. The mask itself has gel-cream texture, which is relatively light and absorbs fast. Product resembles more moisturising day cream than face mask. Hyaluroronic overnight mask has subtle, almost insensible scent. It is efficient (as for face mask), so product will last for few months of regular use of quite large amount few times a week.


Yasumi promised that Beautiful Morning Regenerating Night Mask will ensure long lasting moisture, tone up and rejuvenating of skin. The least desirable by me properties were moisturising one, because for hydration of skin I have creams, and that is the effect that I noticed as first. Hyaluronic mask left my skin moisturised and smooth after first use. Unfortunately, along with the moisture you can feel weighting down of skin and (at least in my case) clogging of pores. In the morning my skin was so weighted down that I had to perform immediate cleanse. What about wrinkles? They are visibly flattened, but still noticeable. I expected more effective results from mask with hyaluronic acid and Argireline from Yasumi. In general, product is great, but not as a rejuvenating mask, but moisturising one. It won’t work for all skin types.